Prepared Meals

About the industry

There are three categories of food delivery companies: Prepared Meals, Meal Kit, and Frozen Meals.

Prepared Meals

This type of service delivers freshly prepared meals that can heated in microwave or oven for convenience.

These types of plans offer a user nutritious meals that can heated quickly for busy individuals looking for health options.

Some drawbacks of this service are:

Cost of shipping

Most of these companies are region based due to the overnight shipping requirement of freshly cooked meals.


The microwave will dry out food in general unless they are cooked fresh and slow cooked.


All restaurants and food delivery companies have a tendency to produce inconsistent food due to the menu size and not enough quality checking.

Meal Kits

This type of service deliver fresh ingredients with chef selected recipes with a weekly subscription.

These types of plans offer a user a convenient way to get a variety of meals each week at a cost slightly above a grocery store.

Some drawbacks of this service are:


Meals can take between an hour to two to cook (don't believe their packaging).

Forced Selection

Companies require you to modify your order a week or longer in advance of shipping in order to skip meals.

Taste over Nutrition

Meals are generally loaded with fat and have more oils than protein grams.

Frozen Meals

This type of service is generally a pickup at the local grocery store, but could also be a delivery.

These types of plans offer a cheap and convenient food option.

Some drawbacks of this service are:


Frozen food often comes with preservatives to keep the ingredients biologically enhanced for freshness.


Frozen food tastes awful. It is generally masked with cheese, sauce, cream, or ketchup to make it taste better.


Frozen food can lose nutrition density when frozen.