Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I don't see my question on this list?

Send us an email at We most likely will add your question to this list so thanks for asking!

Which local farms do you partner with?

Every season, we work with numerous farms in the Harford county area to do farm share. If you're a farm and interested in partnering with us then we would love to hear from you!


How long do the meals stay fresh?

Different meals have different expiration dates due to the type of protein included in the meal. Vegan meals tend to have a longer shelf life than meats as a general rule of thumb. Every meal comes packaged with a enjoy by date and we recommend that you enjoy your meal by that date. We general prepare, package and ship you meal within 48 hours so all meat meals should have a shelf life on 5 - 6 days when it arrives.

Is the food organic?

We work with local farmers to provide the fresh organic ingredients. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide year round produce from Maryland farms so produce from out of state is required and we are at the mercy of distributors.


Do you do deliveries?

Currently, we are no longer using a shipping service for delivery. UPS and FedEx were not reliable for overnight perishable delivery. We are still doing deliveries in the Baltimore area. Please email us for more information.


Where are your pickup locations?

  • Post Man Plus : Abingdon, Maryland
  • Bel Air, Maryland
  • Canton, Maryland (Coming Soon)

What do I need to pickup my order?

Valid identification is required to pick up your order. Examples of valid identification are: driver's license, passport, state issued ID.

What happens if I don't pickup my order?

Your are responsible for your pick. If you are able to contact us before we drop off your order, then we can adjust your order to a delivery for a fee.

No refunds will be given once the order is dropped of at the pickup location.